Tuesday, September 22, 2015

free recording of melodic folk metal: Psyclopus

Psyclopus (China)
The band’s 2015 free recording is called “Instrumental Demo.” I have no information about the band, besides that Bandcamp says that they are from China. There some photos on Bandcamp and it appears that they might have a vocalist, but it’s not totally clear from the photos. It is possible that this demo is just an introduction to the band for now.
This is melodic folk metal and the band sounds very skilled at it. Surprisingly so, actually. This is very melodic and catchy. You’ll be surprised, too, I think.
This recording is:
1.The Tavern of Stormstad 02:05
2.Beowulf's Sword 03:42
3.Glory of the Dead 05:56
4.Sky of the Northern Light 04:26
5.The Drunk's Song 03:29
6.Marching to Moscow (Dschinghis Khan Cover) 04:10
7.Dragon Slaughter 03:40
total time 27:28
On September 21, 2015 I last checked and the recording is still free/name-your-price. People into melodic folk metal would be the target audience for this band. It remains to be seen whether there is more information coming, but at least there’s a recording to go by.

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