Saturday, January 26, 2019

thrashers CRITICAL DEFIANCE stream new song "What About You"

Decades ago when thrash was a new sound the bands declared their devotion to the music: "Bang your head against the stage like you never did before/We will burn this town tonight, to deadly metal we want bang/Headbanging is the sense of life, we play it hard and loud/Blood is running fast tonight because future there’s no more." They also wanted their fans to know what to do at a thrash show, and the fans were there for the action: "Then you start thrashing like never before/stagediving, headwalking like mad/doing your thing all over the floor/the best time that you've ever had." Of course, they were maniacal about it and did not mind going around making friends and some enemies, too: "If you are a false don't entry/The nuclear drums will crush your brain/Because you'll be burned and died/Slaughtering all with intensive pain."
Despite the image of angry inebriated maladjusted malcontents who probably could have benefited from having a father in the house and also from doing a few therapy sessions in order to avoid doing some jail time or to avoid ending up addicted to certain substances, the fact still remains that thrash bands valued the ability to play the instruments well, very well. Thrash was awesome. That was then.
This is now. If you would like to hear a new band that is as crazy about metal and as mad about shredding as the old bands, the Chilean thrash machine Critical Defiance is about to show the world what they can do with their February 8th, 2019 album called Misconception on the U.S. company Unspeakable Axe Records. Listen to the song "What About You" at the link below. This is the official propaganda information about the band: "Thrash or be thrashed! Chilean heshers CRITICAL DEFIANCE are set to release their debut full-length, Misconception. CRITICAL DEFIANCE goes straight for the jugular with their relentless and intricate brand of old-school thrash metal. Though spawned in the depths of Chile’s underground, CRITICAL DEFIANCE bear all the markings of a band that came straight from the 80s Bay Area scene. Following two demos and a limited-edition split with Santiago’s PARKCREST, CRITICAL DEFIANCE signed with Unspeakable Axe Records for the release of Misconception. This eight-track album is an aggressive assault of violent riffs, shredding, yet melodic leads and shouted group vocals. Misconception will be out February 8 on Unspeakable Axe Records"

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