Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Dawn of Winter

Dawn of Winter: Pray for Doom
I Hate Records; 7. Dec. 2018
The vocalist Gerrit P. Mutz is known for his screaming expertise in the heavy-metal-to-the-marrow-of-the-bones-forever band Sacred Steel, a true metal fan's dream. Mr. Mutz also does vocals for the epic heavy metal band Battleroar, who have the habit of making wonderful, practically perfect albums. Come to find out that Mr. Mutz can not only scream, but can also croon very well, too, and he employs the crooning techniques for Dawn of Winter, a doom band. Dawn of Winter hits the doom and gloom hard, it is all-downhill-from-here-life-will-only-get-worse mood metal. There is no light at the end of this tunnel, and even the tunnel is weeping and crumbling down because the tunnel understands that it is all over.
So, are there any happy moments on this album, then? How many ways do you want me to tell you "no"? Here and there, a few places, there is a hint of an uptempo pace, but it's just a tease. Soon it all goes downtempo again and we are right back in the crumbling tunnel of no light. "The Orchestra Bizarre" is the one song that does pick up the pace a bit, just to show you that they can play whatever they want, but doom is the law of this forsaken land. So, the album sounds pretty bad, right? How many ways do you want me to tell you "no"? If you love doom (it’s hard to imagine a casual fan understanding this album) and you love lots of doom, and you love doom with crooning vocals and the doom grooves, then you are not going to go wrong here. It is made with depressive love and downtempo dedication just for you, and just enough melancholy-melody to keep you hopeful.
It is made with total professionalism and passion. The sound is great. Doom zealots will need to make sure that they don't forget to wallow in the despair of Dawn of Winter. Bring your sorrows to them and they will multiply them beyond your wildest dreams. Fun stuff!

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