Friday, January 25, 2019


IV - Mythologiae
25 January 2019
The general outline of the songs is as follows. The first thing is the vibe. Usually, it all begins with a sound unit (1-3 seconds) that evokes contemplation, relaxation, sleep or some other component that seeks to make the listener go to a quiet moment. Then, the sound unit is repeated (copied and pasted?) for however long it is necessary, could be for the duration of the song. This is the foundation upon which everything else is built.
Next comes another basic unit of sound. It usually sounds like a one-motion swipe at the strings of the guitar. This unit (1-3 seconds long) reverberates and is repeated (copied pasted?) for long chunks within the songs. The (programmed?) drums show up at some moment here; isolated hits on the drums and surprisingly loud, almost too noisy, cymbals. Then comes the low but somewhat gentle growling (it’s not loud and not painful or obnoxious). At some later point, once the vibe of slow heaviness and meditation/contemplation is established, the guitar will move towards adding simple, minimalist and repetitive melodies in order to achieve a sense of melancholy.
Through a fierce loyalty to monotonous repetition performed at super slow motion at all times, this music will take you to serenity, it will take you to hypnosis, to yoga, relaxation, prayer, depression (or help you through it), and/or it will put you to sleep while you are listening to it. That’s probably one the main objectives of this music. Approach only and only if you truly, truly, truly seek to hear the slowest of doom.

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