Monday, January 7, 2019


Greyhawk: Ride Out
independent; October 18th, 2018
track listing
1.Intro 01:11; 2.The Abdication 04:35; 3.Ride Out 05:15 4.Serpent King 03:24; 5.Wisdom of the Wizard 03:51; 6.Circle of Heroes 04:32
total time 22:48
What is an anthem in traditional heavy metal music? Isn't it a song that through its sounds and lyrics sounds catchy, and in various ways celebrates our heritage in music? When a fan of true heavy metal hears it, that person knows that it speaks their musical language. It answers the question proudly and unwaveringly, this, this right here, this is 100% heavy metal. It says that we don’t care about the latest fashions, the most recent trends, or anything like that. Heavy metal is big riffs, plenty of guitar solos, thundering drums and the unmistakable voice of a singer with wildman vocals; and your guitar players have full command and play the solos like their lives depend on it. The leather and spikes is nice, the denim and long hair is cool, but that’s not why we are gathered here. Play your heavy metal with the attitude of Led Zeppelin or Judas Priest or Iron Maiden, whether you have one hundred thousand people in front of you or just those 23 people at the bar in Everett or Tukwila checking out whether you are any good or not. Don’t curl up like a ball on stage, don’t hide, don’t look at your belly button, friend; take the stage and make it yours; eyes up, chin up, and rock!
Do you know who plays heavy metal like that? Greyhawk. Who is Greyhawk? They are anthem-obsessed heavy metal heroes rocking out from the Seattle region. They have travelled all sorts of paths to get here, but they did get here. They are in the state of Washington and this is their debut, but they sound experienced and skilled. This recording is very impressive. As you can see, they are not signed to a big record company, but that did not prevent them from going out and making a recording of good sound quality. More importantly, they have the heavy metal anthems, and they have themselves a real singer, too, not some poser schmuck from down the street. Below is the official information hype about the band. Check it out the hype, get excited, lift some weights, do the Conor McGregor walk and get into this recording at the first link below.
OFFICIAL INFORMATION FROM THE MINISTRY OF PROPAGANDA: The story of Greyhawk begins in late 2016, when Jesse Berlin, a neoclassical shredder from New York, and Darin Wall, a proud rock warrior from the northern wastelands of Canada, joined forces in Seattle, Washington. Together they scoured the city for fellow warriors who were true enough to join their cause. After over a year of searching, reinforcements finally arrived in the form of Enrico Mariuzzo, another rock and roll shred demon all the way from Italy, and the booming operatic voice of Revere Taylor, who while dazzling audiences at Seattle Opera also yearned for heavy metal glory. The four gathered on the regular, crafting songs and planning their attack, and then finally the last piece of the puzzle arrived from across the Cascade Mountains in the form of the powerhouse drummer Nate Butler. After many hours of blood and sweat, Greyhawk entered the studio, employing the expertise of audio wizard Cody J Brumlow to forge their debut EP, Ride Out. Now they set out to bring their brand of heavy metal to the unsuspecting masses. Ride Out was recorded, mixed and mastered by Cody J Brumlow at Hangar 12 Studios, Mountlake Terrace, Washington. Album artwork by Jesse White. Greyhawk is: Rev Taylor (vocals), Jesse Berlin (guitar), Enrico Mariuzzo (guitar), Darin Wall (bass), Nate Butler (drums).

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