Saturday, January 19, 2019

ATARAXIE "Résignés" trailer / medley

Fans of the funeral and extreme forms of doom and doom death,
Ataraxie from France will have a new work to showcase their heaviness and misery. The album comes out in March, but the band already has a sampler medley to show a little bit where things stand. Below you can read read the official propaganda from the record company overlords and powers that be.
After the recently released studio report video, French Extreme Doom juggernauts ATARAXIE are pursuing the unveiling of new ultra-massive album "Résignés". with the unleashing of a brand new 11+ minutes-long medley.
Somewhere between the most Depressive / Suicidal parts of BETHLEHEM (of which ATARAXIE's Marquis was the singer), the Sludge of COFFINS, the evil crushing parts of INCANTATION and the ominous Doom / Death of DISEMBOWELMENT, ATARAXIE continues to carve its very own path in the Extreme Doom scene with "Résignés"; their first studio recording with brand new line-up featuring three guitarists.
"Résignés" will be out March 08, 2019 through a triumvirate of underground extremists: DEADLIGHT (CD, Europe); WEIRD TRUTH (CD, rest of the world); XENOKORP (Vinyl, Cassette & Digital, world).
ATARAXIE "Résignés" trailer / medley

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