Thursday, January 12, 2017

Sacrament ov Impurity

Unapologetic black metallers Sacrament ov Impurity, from the city of Mount Vernon in the state of Washington, U.S., have announced a new album called The Purest of Sins for 2017. Here is an update on what’s been happening. Be sure to listen to a preview of the new work at the link below.
What things need to be worked out before the album is ready for the public? Where did you record it?
The new album, The Purest of Sins is all but complete. Artwork is done and the album is fully mixed and mastered. We are just waiting to have the money to put it onto CD and cassette. We recorded it with my longtime friend Brian F. at his home studio, F. Studios.
What are your goals for 2017?
Starting 2017 right, we are recording a new song on Friday the 13th of January for a compilation put out by Extreme Metal Against Antifa. We will hopefully be restocking our merch as we are totally out of shirts and want to do some new designs as well. Playing shows is always a priority and hopefully a small tour. Being that everything we do is DIY and we have no support from any outside entities such as labels, everything we do is funded by the two of us. Unfortunately, that can cause delays in new albums and makes touring hard sometimes, but we still make it happen. We also hope to start recording another album this year.
In 2016 you played quite a few shows in the region. There are some people who have accused the band of the typical things that left-wing liberals/politically-correct people throw at those who disagree with them. Have they tried to shut down your shows? What have your learned in terms of finding ways to do your shows in the face of this?
So far nobody has tried to shut down one of our shows. They have tried to shutdown other shows I have booked, such as the Hellgoat tour but so far we haven't had a problem. (That might change after our appearance on the anti antifa compilation comes out, however). We as a band have made the decision to not support any venues that either A: are directly affiliated with antifa, B: hold benifit shows for antifa or C: give in to threats made by these various left wing censorship groups by cancelling shows they deem "offensive".
Does the censorship embolden your band to keep going? The liberal, politically-correct people would love nothing more than see Sacrament ov Impurity fold up and quit, right?
I know so many musicians who continue to actively support these venues because they either don't want to miss seeing a show, or I guess wanting to play a show so badly they agree to play these venues that really, don't give a fuck about the art and would cancel your show at the slightest thought you might be unsavory characters.
I ask myself, now why, as a black metal musician, would you ever want to play a show at a venue that doesn't truly support the art of black metal? Why would you be so desperate for a show that you would play at a venue that proclaims itself a "safe space"? Isn't this supposed to be dark and dangerous? Or are we all just pretending? Donning our corpse paint for the hour we're on stage, preaching darkness and hate, only to wash it off afterwards to go have a beer at the vegan safe space bar? F*** that. I prefer to keep my integrity.
Thanks for the questions and the continued support!
Sacrament Ov Impurity


  1. Have a great drop, and a deadly New year, step on their necks!

  2. Have a great drop, and a deadly New year, step on their necks!