Monday, January 16, 2017

Generation Decline

The punk band Generation Decline (Bremerton, WA) will play in Everett, WA on February 3. Listen to the music below.
Biography: We are a politically charged punk/crust group that sing about the injustices that we face as a human race. We hope that our music inspires people to take action in their scene and community.
Influences: Anti-Product, Aus Rotten, Phobia, Contravene, Streetwalker, Behind Enemy Lines, Disrupt, David Koresh Choir, F-Minus, Subhumans, Dystopia, Brother Inferior, Whorehouse of Representatives, Antischism, Damad, Code 13, Mouth Sewn Shut, Tragedy, His Hero Is Gone, Inhaste and many many more

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