Wednesday, January 18, 2017

FREE metal: Thundershield

release date: August 14th, 2016
label: independent
Thundershield is a loud and proud traditional metal band from Georgia, U.S. This recording is free/name-your-price and for your price they want to take you on a magical ride where guitar solos are in abundance and banging your head to heavy metal is the way of life. The power metal crowds should find the songs that they are looking for.
It looks like this is the band's first album. The corporate machinery is not exactly turning the wheels for Thundershield, but that did not stop the band. Traditional-minded individuals are the prime target audience for Thundershield because it is who they are and that's what they are all about.
1.Specter of Light 08:55
2.Red Mountain 05:17
3.Hammerhead 04:34
4.DragonCycles (Dragons on Motorcycles) 05:03
5.Draconia 04:23
6.Crown of Blood 06:06
7.Done Dirty 05:03
8.Selfish Lover 03:43
9.The Doctor Is In 04:24
10.ThunderShield 04:54
total time 52:22

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