Wednesday, January 11, 2017

NEWS: George Tsalikis

George Tsalikis (U.S.) is a traditional heavy metal singer known for his work with the band Zandelle. George has done a solo album for a little bit of a different take on heavy metal. The album is called The Sacrifice and it's a concept album filled his high vocals and stories of vampires.
OFFICIAL: A world of blood and love is a kind of a concept album from George Tsalikis, main songwriter from ZANDELLE. So proudly he presents his first solo project. Bloodsucking monsters in your head will occur by listening to the fat sound of this massive rocking piece of Heavy Metal. The storyline of course is keeping all songs lyrically together, but the musical variability stands for its one! So the everlasting fight between good and evil has so many different elements like the musical ability of George Tsalikis. The great guest musicians Richie Blackwood and Mike Paradine support the whole conceptual firework of epic fantasy in the best way!
George Tsalikis began his journey into the world of Heavy Metal music in the late 80's / early 90's when he joined what would later become The Gothic Knights. After his departure from them, he formed a new band: Zandelle, which released two independant albums, the self-titled EP in 1996 followed by the 1998 full-length album titled "Shadows of Reality". After many live performances both locally and in various Metal festivals throughout the U.S., George landed his first ever record deal with Zandelle. The band went on to release "Twilight on Humanity" and "Vengeance Rising". They then signed a new record deal with Pure Steel Records where they released "Flames of Rage", "Shadows of the Past" and most recently, "Perseverance".
George has had the privilage of performing in numerous venues throughout the U.S. and Europe, including NY's famous Carnegie Hall.
During his many years in the music industry George learned a lot, not only about music but also about audio engineering, video production and acting. He played a number of lead roles earning him much recognition in the local theater community.
Finally, it was time to take all that he learned and apply it to something he had wanted to do for quite some time... his first ever solo album. But he didn't want this to be just any solo album. He wanted to do something unique. His first thought was to make a concept album, but even that was not enough... after all many artists have released concept albums. But not many artists have released videos for each and every song on a concept album. This was it! This is what would make George stand out among the many incredibly talented artists who are out there producing brilliant works. By combining all his talents, from song-writing to film production to acting, directing and fight choreography, George set upon to do something that has never been done before.
George came up with the theme of the album and then began outlining the story. It is one of sacrifice, set in a world where vampires are real. The question the story asks is: "What would you sacrifice for the person you love?" And so the epic tale unfolds in a concept album consisting of 11 songs altogether where one man must sacrifice it all to save the woman he loves.
The album features George Tsalikis as the main character in the story, recording almost all the music except for the drums and lead guitars. He also cast a number of actor/singers to take on the roles of the other characters, making this a cross-over between music video and musical film. It is a story about love and sacrifice in a bloody world where the undead prowl the night and prey on the living.

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