Tuesday, January 31, 2017

interview: Infected Omnipotence

This is an interview with the brutal metal band Infected Omnipotence from the Dominican Republic, an island country in the Caribbean; the island is home to two countries, the Dominican Republic and Haiti.
The guitarist Clandestine answered the questions. They are an active band, spreading the message of their death metal to anyone searching for extreme sounds. Infected Omnipotence decided years ago that in life there is only one objective: to play the most brutal death metal that they can. With their chaos they are putting out the call to the supporters of this music to come out and fly the flag of brutal death metal. Metal Archives gives a list of these releases: Global Infection EP 2012; “Humanbotic Paradox” single 2014; Spawning a Dystopian Breed EP 2015. Find out more about the band below and check out some of their music.
Greetings! How is life for your metal band in Santo Domingo, the capital city of the Dominican Republic?
Greetings, Metal Bulletin. It's a pleasure to answer you. It's not easy, everything related to metal it's extinct. Fortunately, there have been things that have gotten better as time passes by.
What is the history of your band?
Initially, the band was created by Corpse after we started composing the songs in 2011. After months looking for members, the line up was completed to record the EP Global Infection in 2012.
After many changes in the line up, we initiated recording Spawning a Dystopian Breed in 2015. Which was presented through our single ''Humanbotic Paradox'' in 2014. This EP marked a period of inactivity in the band due that there were only guitars and vocals at the time.
In 2016 we came back with the complete line up and started playing live. Through these six years we have been one of the most active bands, making t-shirts and digital designs to express our art.
The actual line up consists of: Abortion - vocals (2011-present), Clandestine - guitars (2011-present), Abgal - bass (2016-present) and Furious Blaster - drums (2013-2014, 2015-present).
I do not know much about the history of metal music in the Dominican Republic. Were there metal bands there in the 80s? What were some of the first metal shows that you personally attended in your country? Does your country have traditional heavy metal bands, in addition to death and black metal bands?
Yes. There were bands by the end of the 80s. Around 2000 I started going to concerts that took place in the Auditorium of the Dominico Americano and the Santa Ana cave. There not a lot of traditional bands, only the band Abaddon RD keeps the classic style from back then.
What motivated you to play loud and extreme music?
Well, the majority of us have a black metal underground. So, the extreme side was familiar to us. The main inspiration and motivation came from our ex guitarist Corpse. Who propose to build a death metal due that the local scene only had metalcore bands along other mixed genres. As time passed by, the band evolved to the brutal side, without leaving behind our classical side.
I have been listening to your music online. Do you have new music at this moment or do you have plans for new music? Effectively, we have performed ''Organic Infanticide.'' A song that it is not in our recordings. We have another one on the way, besides other ideas that are running around which we are considering turning into songs. The plan is to always collect enough material to record and expose it. It has been one of the characteristics and qualities of the band as per the limitations on the scene.
In 2015 you released the EP, Spawning a Dystopian Breed. Where did you record it?
The SaDB was recorded at Blastbeats Studios, from the hand of Eric Cruz, an experienced musician that has been recording for decades. We are actually setting expectations to register our music.
Your band has lyrics in English. Do you have songs in Spanish, too?
We only sing in English. We are not limited or close-minded to write in Spanish, but we think that it is more appropriate in English for what we want to express.
What can you tell us about your lyrics? Are your lyrics about real topics or fantasy topics?
They're real topics. Such as domination of masses, manipulation, organs traffic, martyrs and conspiracy theories, etc., to which we apply a future touch in conjunction of our points of view of what happens.
In the U.S. we don’t know much about life in the Dominican Republic. What is your opinion about the future of your country?
We live in a great country, but evils such as corruption and impunity limits the opportunities to those who want to do the right thing. The future is not pleasing at all, if things continue as they are going, we'll have to close down the country. There is work, but we have up to a 7% unemployment rate, the most vulnerable have not opportunities of finding a productive job.
In history, sometimes there have problems between the Dominican Republic and Haiti, especially in the past. In your opinion, how are the relations between the two countries now?
Even thought throughout the history of this island there were many bellic conflicts between both nations, we have lived in a peaceful way for a while now. Not to mention the relationships tend to become tense due to Haiti being unstable, which affects our system, due that there are millions of nationalised Haitians that live in Dominican Republic.
Finally, what can you tell us about the plans of your band for 2017? Any plans to play in neighboring Puerto Rico?
The immediate plan is to keep playing live actively and try to reach out for bigger concerts that are being made here, as well as keep composing with the finality of recording more material. We have not played outside the country yet, but we are aware that Puerto Rico has a pretty active metal scene.
Thank you for putting your interest in our music. Brutal greetings to all the readers and followers of Metal Bulletin, remember that you can know more about us by visiting facebook.com/infectedomnipotence/

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