Thursday, January 12, 2017

Retaliação Infernal

Go to the first link below so that you can jump into the vortex of blasting sonic brutality of the undead. Retaliação Infernal (Brazil) will not take it easy on your ears at all, it will be all mayhem all the way. The only thing that will save you is that they have posted only two recordings, and each recording has two songs. Short and chaotic, then it’s done. Surely they have more material coming down the line, right? We hope so! Let this be the beginning of a horrible friendship between you and Retaliação Infernal, a band whose Portuguese-language name means, “We came, we saw, we grind, and then we grind again.”
OFFICIAL: Deathgrind band from Curitiba Paraná formed in September of 2011, by Thiago Castro in the vocal, Anderson Felis on guitar, Weder Serpa on drums and Cristiano Deathreisen on bass, with the proposal to make a brutal sound with lyrics in Portuguese, Horror, Terror, Occult and gore, in 2012 the band began to perform shows, playing in Curitiba, Rio de Janeiro and other cities and in July 2012 entered the studio to record the first self-titled EP, containing two tracks "Ritual do Sacrifício" and " Orgia Negra, "an album recorded and produced by Maiko Thomé at the Avant Garde studio in early 2013. Thiago decides to leave the band for personal reasons and in his post enters Larissa Pires and is also called to make the second Liandrus Infernus guitar, Presentation with the new lineup Liandrus leaves the band and returns to being a quartet, during 2013 and 2014 the band performs several shows through Paraná and other states of Brazil, having the opportunity to open shows for international bands like "Batakazzo" (Chile) And "Prostitute Disfigurement" (Holland) in 2015, the recordings of the first full album (Brutal Decomposition) will begin in 2015, with 12 tracks, including 10 unreleased tracks and 2 re-recordings of the 2012 EP, produced and recorded again by Maiko Thomé at Avant studio Garde, scheduled to release for the second half of 2016, the band pauses during the recording period and in the return to the concerts Weder decides to leave, Leonardo Freitas is summoned to take the drumsticks and keep the band alive and strong in the Curitibana scene Of Extreme Metal.

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