Friday, April 8, 2016

NEWS: Thunder Lord

Thunder Lord
Prophecies of Doom
release date: February 1st, 2016
label: Iron Shield Records
If you want heavy metal, you got it! Thunder Lord is metal from Chile since 20002 and they have a new album. Go their Facebook page to hear the music. The postings are in Spanish, but just click on the links and hear the music, the language that everyone understands.
This is the information about the album and the band's discography.
1. End of Time 05:19
2. Leave Their Corpses to the Wolves 04:25
3. Prophecies of Doom 04:06
4. Pillan 05:01
5. The Darkness's Breath 04:20
6. Condemned to Death 04:52
7. The Blood-Red Moon 04:39
8. Useless Violence 04:21
9. Winds of War 06:09
10. Metal Thunder 05:04
total time 48:16
Thunder Attack Demo 2003
Thunder Strike Back Demo 2005
Hymns of Wrath in This Metal Age Full-length 2008
Heavy Metal Rage Full-length 2012
Thunder Storm (Battle in Santiago) Live album 2014
End of Time Single 2015
Prophecies of Doom Full-length 2016

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