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interview: Fuglymaniacs site (Texas, U.S.)

To read full issues of Metal Bulletin Zine and to download them for free you can always go Fuglymaniacs, a site that posts issues of the zine. When each issue is ready, you can be sure that sooner or later it will be up at Fuglymaniacs. Now, Metal Bulletin Zine and Fuglymaniacs are not the same thing, as you can see when you visit the site. They are not the same thing, but they share one thing in common: metal music. I guess you could say that Metal Bulletin Zine and Fuglymaniacs are like “brothers.” Anyway, so, Jojo from Fuglymaniacs won’t hesitate to let you what’s what, what’s up, what’s two by four, and give you a piece of mind. Let’s read on to find out why Fuglymaniacs loves Pantera. Or something like it.
Greetings, Fuglymaniacs!! Thanks for posting issues of Metal Bulletin at your site. Can you explain what Fuglymaniacs is all about? When did you start your site?
Greetings from the bayou city in the deep south. Fuglymaniacs is a DIY website as you can clearly tell by the lack of structure and format. It is a labor of love and a hobby. Original idea is to host MMB's Metal Bulletin Zine, that was it. Since the MBZ sends the issues in pdf files we notice that a link would work just fine. Leaving the entire site empty.
We used to go to shows more often back then, so we started carrying a video camera. Site was started 2011 maybe.
You have metal, but there is also some wild and crazy stuff, including blues music on some occasions! I think your site might be the first one that has blasphemous death metal screaming about the infernal regions right next to a blues band screaming about … well … the infernal regions of heartbreak, loneliness and pain. What’s the deal?
Great question. First of all we wanted to cover the local metal scene. Going to show we found the same bands playing around all the time so we started to question our approach and what's with the tunnel vision? Started to go to different shows.
That's how we found great bands....Birth A.D (Austin), Eagle Claw (Austin), Gaza (Austin), Mugen Hoso (Japan), Black Cobra (La). Real metal heads will approve of these bands being real metal! Maybe, but they all kick ass in their own way!!
You are in Houston, Texas. What metal bands do you like from the Houston area?
This town has a lot of great bands some we like...HRA, Burn The Boats (broken up now), Venomus Maximus (these guys are exceptional), Scale The Summit (duh!), ASS (Conroe, but we'll claim them), An Oath of Misdirection, Sanctum Bellum, Pasadena Napalm Division, Dead Horse, Kings X ( long time ago 1989/1990 maybe?? Seen these guys opening up for Billy Squier my first show ever, KKZR hooked us up. Wanted to see Blue Murder with John Sykes after leaving White Snake; loved his guitar playing. Had no idea who Billy Squier was, but the ladies knew exactly who he was and they were going crazy! This dude comes out with the mic in hand, with no shirt with bell bottom jeans with big hair. Singing "My Kind of Lover"; A site to see apparently), The Sword, Project Armaggedon, Blaspherian (their live shows are brutal).
Let’s go back in time. How did you get into metal in the first place? Since you are in Texas, was Pantera one of the first bands you ever heard? What about Helstar? What metal bands do you remember liking early on?
Fuck Pantera and co. that includes Hellyeah, Down...As for Helstar, I can see why this town loves James and co. I like ‘em up to Nosferatu.
Big brother had Deep Purple - Perfect Stranger, Kiss - Animalize, Huey Lewis and the News- Sport, Judas Priest- Defender of Faith and there was some CCR too, I still love that stuff.
Middle school was interesting for me. I got along with skaters and punks...traded my Reign in Blood t-shirt for Megadeth- Peace Sells, L.A Guns, Metallica-Garage Inc. & Kill ‘em All. From there I wanted faster and louder: Assassin, Vio-lence, Forbidden, Coroner, Oh how I love thee. Then there was Devastation; these guys were the best! I remember MMB buying Obituary-Slowly We Rot and I could not stand that fucking album....Soooo Slow!! It has grown on me a bit but still, I walked out on Nile and ran from Cradle of Filth seen at the HOB and they gave me the heebee geebees; on my way home I was jamming to SRV-House Is Rockin' yes, sir, no Cradle of Filth for me!
Do you have favorite genres? What about the new genre “tattooed bald-vocalist nihilist post-grind brutal disco metal”? Is that your favorite?
Thrash, Speed and just plain old traditional metal. What's with all the labels? I don't get it.
What are your favorite top ten metal bands that you actually listen to in your car?
Currently, I have New/latest Saxon, Motorhead, Satan-Atom by Atom rocks!!, Pharoah-Be Gone, Venomus Maximus-Beg Upon The Light, Volbeat - Beyond Hell/Above Heaven, Asphyx-Deathhammer, Armored Saint-Delirious Nomad, Warbeast- Destroy, Paradise Lost-The Plague Within, Nuclear Assault-Pounder, Nevermore-This Godless Endeavor, SYL- The New Black, also have Tank, Soilwork, White Spirit, Witchfinder General, etc.
World-important and totally serious question here: Do you think it’s true what Huey Lewis said that the heart of rock and roll is still beating and from what you have seen do you believe them?
Best part is not knowing where that next cd/band is gonna come from and knock your socks off. Get off the main lanes and take a hike on a new trail you don't have to wonder you WILL know when you see it or hear it!
Get off the couch, go see a live band they do appreciate a good crowd.
Fuglymaniacs’ problem is we are getting more eclectic, Houston's scene is getting bigger with lots of new bands and they are all just trying to be heard. Too many bands that need a hand getting their name out. Yes, a lot of them suck, but like Suicidal Tendencies said "Just because you don't like it doesn't mean it ain't no good..." Somebody might see it on our Youtube channel and think they are legendary. Ignorance is bliss! Example : Metalachi (crazyass mariachi band doing metal songs...awesome!!)
What does the future hold for Fuglymaniacs? Where do you see your site in 10 years from now?
Wow! Future tense is tricky one day at a time. Life keeps us busy. Fuglymaniacs would love to spread the word and cover the whole Houston scene, nlues, indie, raggae, etc. Keep it local, but this requires a staff which we can't afford. Interns anyone?? One can dream.
We have had offers to add a revenue source by adding ads and banners. We ain't trying to sell you shit! No dildos, hard pills, a new truck/car, “We're from a African monarchy that needs your routing number and checking account number,” A G&R reunion buy tickets now!, Black Sabbath touring for the last time no really for real no more tours buy tickets now. Oh, wait need a vacation book here, rebuilt your credit, refi your home. find a horny married fat ass chick here no need to sign up--free, etc, etc...FUCK all that.
Is there something else you would like to mention about your site?
Please if you want our two cents about your new release, by all means send it.
The whole release, please, we get tons of stuff that has 3 or 4 songs and they want our opinion...No deal! Don't take us too serious. We don't.
We love MBZ it's just metal!!
(There you have it. Check out the videos at the site, too.)

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