Sunday, April 3, 2016

free album: symphonic power metal: Harmonium

free album: symphonic power metal: Harmonium
Symphony of Steel
release date: April 1st, 2016
label: independent
The devoted supporters of symphonic power metal definitely should check out this free/name-your-price recording by the international formation known as Harmonium, which was founded in 2013. The project lists as the hometown: Georgia, Colombia, Mexico, Italy, Greece, Czech Republic, and Brazil. However, there is a lot more going on because all you have to do is look at the personnel involved:
Multinational Symphonic Power Metal Project
Kakhi Kiknadze - Guitars, Composing, Mix and Mastering
Jorge B. Canchola - Bass, Composing, Mix
Dani Zapata - Vocals (Battlestorm, Elfhaven Forest, The Longest Journey Back Home)
Iliour Griften - Vocals (Elfhaven Forest, Warrior's Revenge, The Longest Journey Back Home, Black Dragon)
Andrea Bicego - Vocals (Battlestorm)
Mari Chakvetadze - Vocals (Warrior's Revenge)
Davit Mikautadze - Vocals (Heroes)
Apollo Papathanasio - Vocals (The Longest Journey Back Home)
Angel Huerta - Album art, Guitar(Battlestorm)
Victor Hugo Santafe Ossa - Lead Keyboards (Battlestorm)
Michal Jankuliak - Guitar (Warrior's Revenge)
Claudia Corona - Vocals (Black Dragon)
Levan Osefashvili - Drums (Heroes)
Bob Katsionis - Mix and Master (Elfhaven Forest) Harmonium
The recording is:
1.Rising (intro) 01:10
2.Battlestorm 05:00
3.Warrior's Revenge 07:53
4.Elfhaven Forest 05:02
5.The Longest Journey Back Home 13:53
6.Heroes 07:16
7.Black Dragon (Luca Turilli cover) 05:05
total time 45:19

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