Thursday, April 21, 2016

NEWS: CharmCharmChu

CharmCharmChu is angry thrash from China. Something has angered this band and now everybody has to pay for it. They plan to kick some butt and ask questions later, when everyone is passed out. They don't wanna no play no games. They hate the government, they hate authority, they hate their parents and they don't even like each other. They are in a band together simply because they got tired of beating each other up every day at school. Also, they formed the band in order to conquer the world. Their favorite sport is war, their favorite drink is blood and their favorite hobby is violence.
Don't laugh. You're next, punk!
CharmCharmChu (AKA poor piggy) is a Hong Kong Thrash Metal band. Blending internet memes, Chinese poem, and outrageous cowbell to create a unique Cantonese thrash metal experience. Cherish every moment in your life and leave no empty cowbell at any time.

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