Monday, April 4, 2016

NEWS: Rapheumet's Well

Rapheumet's Well
The Exile
release date: March 18th, 2016
label: Test Your Metal Records
The sounds of Rapheumet's Well offer a progressive twist while keeping the music well within the genre of symphonic extreme metal with both extreme and melodic vocals. The band must have spent lots of time making the album because it is meant to be a professional recording that will appeal to the audiences into bands like Dimmu Borgir and Septicflesh. Below you will find some informative official information about the band.
The band is originally from North Carolina, U.S. In terms of biography, the band gave the following summary of its history in an interview with Pest Webzine (You will find the link to the full interview at the band’s Facebook page.):
“The root of this band begins about 16 years ago. The original members Jonathan Finney, Ralph Barnett and I (Joshua Ward) formed a project called Deadspeed. It was a turbid time in my life as I was only thirteen years of age and the other two were in their twenties. Due to “complicated” issues, I was forced to leave my home and staying with Jonathan and developing my music skills. The band was a sanctuary and to this day is my passion. Unfortunately, Ralph Barnette had to leave due to person issues but he was instrumental in the making of this band. We picked up Aaron Rogers who help introduce an ambient synth mix to our emerging symphonic metal sound. Tripp King and Daniel Presell joined in 2014 as our vocalist and guitarist. These two truly brought a unique and brutal element to our mix that is what represents us today. Recently, in light of the new album we picked up two more members Annette Greene and Hunter Ross. Annette had a remarkable voice as she has many awards in her High-school choir; she has since taken over as the keyboardist in light of Aaron’s recent departure. Hunter Ross, also being of High-school age is an unbelievably talented guitarist, bringing a new technical aspect to our music. Each member comes from many walks of life including a nurse, an acupuncturist, skilled labor, a professional painter, a science teacher, all joined by our passion for metal.”
Additional information on Facebook states:
Formerly known as Blue Man's God, Rapheumet's well experimented with many variations and genre's of music including classical, ambience, (and of course) metal. Rapheumet's Well was created in March of 2008.
The first demo was completed on june 11th, 2012. Rapheumet's Well members composed and produced the 2012 demo.
The first full-length, final-production album was released on October 31st, 2014, and is entitled, "Dimensions". The album was recorded by the band members, mixed and mastered by the drummer Josh Ward (Nasaru) with a dab of preferential input from the other members. The album features 10 songs which (from first song to last song) progressively tells its own section of a larger story portrayed in the style of an epic.
Future albums will continue this story, some in prequel and some in sequel to the album "Dimensions".

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