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NEWS: Begrime Exemious

NEWS: Begrime Exemious
The Enslavement Conquest
Dark Descent Records
4 March 2016
Extreme metal band Begrime Exemious has a new album that is already out. The album has stood out due to the attention to quality found on it. People have remarked that the production sounds great, and different from clinical computerized extreme metal and the album is also a slap in the face to all the "old school" bands that have shoddy production jobs in which you can't hear the music. How did Begrime Exemious manage this album? How did they do it? To learn more, below you will find a Metal Archives review of the album that shows the difference about the album. After that, you will find an excellent biography by the band.
Take note of what this excerpt from Metal Archives says: "[T]he drum production, one of the hardest parts of mixing extreme metal well, is absolutely on point here and immediately stands out both for the variety of beats within a song, the sound-carrying fills that other founding member Lee Norland so effortlessly pounds out, and the sheer viciousness through which the powerful sounding drums carry the songs." The reviewer continued: "The drumming isn’t the only exceptional thing on record, though- Orthner’s powerful, reverbed-out rasp cuts over the mix, augmented at times by a lower growl that Thibaudeau throws over the lead vocals for a powerful layered effect. The riffs range from blistering thrash-influenced death metal to slower, groovier black/death to immaculate death/doom with interludes of Deathspell Omega-style swirling slow bits mixed in throughout (most noticeably on Subconscious Nemesis); for every few minutes of incredibly groovy headbanging blasting Angelcorpse riffs that we get there are another couple of Celtic Frost or Autopsy, and unlike a lot of somewhat similar bands, Begrime Exemious does a fantastic job of really changing up pacing and riffage to keep each song interesting."
Begrime Exemious formed in Edmonton, Canada in late 2005 with the intent of forging raging black/death metal. After executing demo recordings and performing their high energy live shows, the band signed with Dark Descent Records for the release of their debut LP, "Impending Funeral of Man". 2012 sees the band's second album, "Visions of the Scourge", along with an extensive tour of western Canada. Combining their black/death metal influences with a DIY crust punk attitude, Begrime Exemious have honed in on their signature sound as they continue to spread their filth across the world.
BIOGRAPHY: Begrime Exemious were formed in the late parts of the year 2005 by guitarist B. Symic. He was soon joined by drummer L. Norland, guitarist P. Jansen, vocalist B. Leland, and bassist D. Orthner. This line up recorded a demo in 2006 as well as executed several live shows in their hometown of Edmonton, AB, Canada. P. Jansen left the band, and the second demo was recorded. Due to a shortage of a lead guitarist, D. Orthner played leads on the 2007 demo, which remained unreleased for several years.
B. Leland parted ways with the band after that demo. B. Symic was also suffering from tendonitus, and decided to take over vocals as he still wanted to contribute to the band's maniac style of death/black metal. D. Orthner took over on guitars, A. Rintoul was recruited for bass, and finally B. Harbak came in as a second guitarist. This line up hit the stage again and shortly after, in summer 2008, recorded the "Set Ablaze the Kingdom of Abraham" EP, including an AUTOPSY cover. This EP as well as their notorious stage performance lead to a union between BEGRIME EXEMIOUS and DARK DESCENT RECORDS from the USA. The band entered the studio at the end of 2009 which resulted in their first full length, "Impending Funeral of Man" being released in 2010.
After the release of the album, B. Symic parted ways with BEGRIME EXEMIOUS but B. Leland was available and joined up with the band again. A. Rintoul also quit, so a session bassist was recruited to tour for the album. After tour, T. McClelland was recruited to fill up the bass situation, and B. Harbak left the band to persue a different musical path. The line up of Orthner, McClelland, and Norland started composing songs for their next record, just when singer Leland ran into some legal troubles. Unable to play live, the band spent the winter months of 2010 and 2011 writing and recording what was to become "Visions of the Scourge". Symic came in to lend his voice, and the record was complete. The band played some live shows throughout western Canada with J. Wroth on second guitar and Orthner handling both vocals and guitar.
At the end of 2011, Leland rejoined the fold, just in time for the 2007 demo he sang on was released as a split with fellow Canadians NUCLEARHAMMER, "Heretical Serpent Cult". Wroth was also replaced by F. Thibaudeau, just before the release of "Visions of the Scourge" and the subsequent supporting tour in West Canada.
BEGRIME spent the fall/winter of 2012/2013 working on new material to be spread out on a couple releases - the "Primeval Sattelite" mLP (released August 2014 on Dark Descent Records), a tour tape featuring rerecording old songs (self released June 2014), and the "wasteland of Damnation" 7" EP (released August 2013 on Fuel Injected Records). Following these recording sessions, the band hit the road and saw themselves in the west coast of Canada/US as well as shows across the prairies to support the new and upcoming releases.
Again, at the end of the year 2013, the band started composing material for the next full length and some tracks for an upcoming split 7". During the composition of this material, vocalist B. Leland parted ways and the vocal department was taken over by guitarist D. Orthner (as he had been taking over that duty on the road more often than not). Bassist T. McClelland also stepped down and his role was given back to the man he replaced - A. Rintoul. The recording and writing sessions included some rerecordings that were released on a new tour tape that included the "Wasteland" 7" tracks. The band hit the road once again, playing 10 dates in the midwest/east coast USA and select dates across Canada - the most extensive tour in the band's history at this point. "Primeval Sattelite" was finally released the summer of 2014.
After a few hometown gigs, BEGRIME shut themselves into their jam space to finish crafting their thrid album. L. Norland had finished renovating his basement to include a small recording studio, which lead the band to record there during the winter and spring months of 2015. Following the recording of the album, the band embarked on a cross Canada tour, boasting 18 shows from coast to coast, in addition to some festival apperances in western Canada. At the end of the year, the band had entered their 10th year of existence, and opted to play an Edmonton show in the new year to celebrate the milestone. Shortly after, "The Enslavement Conquest" was released on March 4th, 2016 by Dark Descent Records to critical acclaim. With several regional shows upcoming, BEGRIME has also planned a west coast US tour for later this summer.

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