Friday, March 11, 2016

NEWS: Unbowed

label: independent
release: 12 February 2016
Unbowed is a melodic extreme metal band from Canada. They call their music "epic metal." The recording is already available and you can hear it at Bandcamp.
Unbowed began as two-man studio project in Spring of 2011. From 2011 through 2015, Unbowed independently released a self-titled EP, a full-length album, and assembled a live lineup which played shows throughout Ontario Canada including opening for major international acts such as Battlecross (US), Einherjer (NOR), The Contortionist (US), and Erimha (CAN). Currently, Unbowed is gearing up for the release of their latest and most matured offering 'Dogma'. Dogma is a 4 song EP consisting of the band's most visceral and expansive material to date.
Dogma, the follow-up to Unbowed's 2014 debut full-length, Collapse The World, certainly reflects the deeper meaning of the band's monicker. The songs contained wiithin are eloquent, forceful, and wholly unyielding. The somber atmosphere of Black Metal is apparent whilst the band bludgeons into thick, suffocating Death Metal riffing. With your head already reeling, the band tears open the fabric of reality with soaring Orchestral and Symphonic elements that takes the listener from purgatory to paradise, all in the same fleeting moments. From acoustic guitars and grand pianos to choir ensembles and harps, this is a Metal release that pushes the boundaries of what an up-and-coming band can already be. On top of all this, the entire EP is self-produced. Written, recorded, mixed, and mastered entirely by the two founding members.

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