Thursday, March 3, 2016

NEWS: Necronomicon

Advent of The Human God
label: Season of Mist
release: 25 March 2016
The long-running extreme metal band Necronomicon has a new album, a symphonic blasting death metal work that continues the sound for which the Canadians are known. Expect a professional album with a seriousness of purpose and hard work for supporters of modern extreme/black/death metal. The band has been around for long time and they know how to make a strong album that will compete with other albums in the genre of symphonic extreme metal. Below you will find some official information about the band and a new video to satisfy the curious minds that want to hear for themselves.
"Rising from the 90’s 'The Canadian Occult Legend (BWBK)' have sailed against all storms and wars to conquer all countries they landed under heaven and earth. It is not without difficulties that the pioneers of the dark genre have kept the machine alive, but nevertheless, their faith and strong belief in the band’s message has succeeded to overcome the worst and beyond. Since the beginning of the new millennium, the cult of the Book of the Dead keeps spreading around the world, taking the fans by surprise like a disease. Renowned for its live presence and intensity, the Occultist trinity aims for nothing less than reaching every area of the living world, doing what they do best - rocking the stage.
The 'Pharaoh of Gods' album became a classic a few years after its release. Now considered to be too advanced for is time, mixing brutal dark metal with almost “new age” ambiances. As for “Return of the Witch”, which became the first worldwide release, bringing the band to tour the Old continent for the first time.
Previous releases are not to be forgotten, starting with the 'Morbid Ritual' demo, which was nationally acclaimed. 'The Silver Key' EP gained attention from labels in the US and overseas, especially with the title track song. Last but not least, the extremely tribal 'The Sacred Medicines': an American Native concept featuring 'Red Bull' singers from Western Canada’s Cree Nation on the title track.
Necronomicon originally comes from the deep northern part of the Canadian province of Quebec, called the 'Fjord of Saguenay'. The band later relocated in the city on Montreal, now well known for the quality of is metal scene, to ensure a more prosperous future for the band… Something that would’ve been impossible in their remote Nordic home region.
Since the beginning, the band always blended in mixing ambiances with extreme metal, along with atmospheric passages using narration and angelic female voices, exotic instruments and various orchestrations. Although every album has its own theme, it is also part of the grand concept of the band itself.
Their hard work and renowned growth brought them to share the stage and tour with several well established bands such as Cradle of Filth, Dimmu Borgir, Behemoth, Morbid Angel, to name a few, as well as invitations to well renowned festivals such as Inferno (Norway), Heavy MTL (Canada), Ragnarok (Germany), the Barge to Hell metal cruise and more.
Stopping at nothing, the Eternal trio led by the Dark One, Rob “The Witch”, is now working with the well-established record label Season of Mist ..."
Necronomicon - Crown Of Thorns (Official Video)

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