Friday, March 25, 2016

NEWS: Mangled

Involuntary Organ Donor
Boris Records
Release: 1 March 2016
There are sick people everywhere, but when such individuals meet up in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A. it is more than just gore horror death thrash, it is love at first bite. Something is not quite right in the heads of these old school metal creature-creators and you will be able to tell immediately that these deli butchers want you at one with your sandwich-sandbox. Listen to their new recording below and enjoy the filth.
"Gore-drenched thrashing death, brought to you by ATL's finest psychopaths. An often talked about and seldom-witnessed group of serial-killing maniacs, first mentioned in an eyewitness testimony to a kidnapping case in 2011. Churning out speed-laden septic riffage, chunky hooks, and ghastly accounts of the crimes they have committed, Mangled unapolagetically deal out their own special brand of SEWER METAL. Mild mannered members of the populace by day, by night they are found using the subterranean cover of the Atlanta city waterworks to outwit the authorities as they snatch, imprison, mutilate and mangle any citizens unfortunate enough to cross paths with MANGLED!"

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