Sunday, March 6, 2016

NEWS: A Soul Called Perdition

A Soul Called Perdition (Finland)
Into the Formless Dawn
release: March 11th, 2016
label: independent
This is music especially made for the people into "melodic death metal" in the 90s sense. Whether it is Scandinavian or Finnish "melodic death metal" that you have in mind, it doesn't matter, really, it has that old spirit that so many people liked back in the day and still like today. Find out more information below.
One Metal has said: "Perhaps the most impressive aspect of this burly slice of frantic musicianship is that the whole thing was played by just one fellow. Seriously, everything. Not only that, he even did the bloody artwork! Take a bow, Mr Tuomas Kuusinen. It’s refreshing to get a package with such a singular vision; listening to it and knowing that everything was recorded with intent rather than compromise.
Kuusinen recorded Into The Formless Dawn after the demise of his previous outfit, Pain Confessor, which left him sat with a wealth of material and no available vessel. Coupling this with his rage and disappointment in humanity in general as his motivation, Kuusinen might not have made the most polished record of all time; but he’s certainly made one that is focused and absolutely furious. There’s no hint of respite on Into The Formless Dawn; instead, it’s a work that focuses on an intense dichotomy between light-speed riffing and twin guitar harmonising."
In an interview with The 20 Question Quiz, A Soul Called Perdition explains the mentality about music: "I honestly have lost touch of current events in music almost completely and have instead reconnected with a lot of the stuff I listened to when I was younger. My absolute favorites still are Sentenced throughout the Jarva-era, GWAR, W.A.S.P., all cheesy 80s fun-loving hard rock and glam metal, early 90s black metal and death metal."
BIO: A Soul Called Perdition came to being during 2013-2014 when Finnish melodic death metal band Pain Confessor slowly descended into hibernation, or death. Their guitarist Tuomas had a full length's worth of material almost ready and there was no sign of it ever being utilized so he went on to finish the songs and bring them out as a full length self-released album, which materialized as "Into The Formless Dawn". Eight songs about outrage towards all the malicious acts human beings are capable of committing to each other, not turning the other cheek, losing a part of your essence, love that defies even the flames of a pyre. Says the man: "This album is a farewell to my brothers in Pain Confessor, farewell to the band that has held my heart and soul for over a decade. I also see it as a farewell to all the hardship that came with it. Every song is poured full of my disgust of this modern day hell we live in, mostly the people cancerously devouring our own home. It felt great to finally get to let it all out, that pent-up rage. Hope it comes through to the listener and love it or hate it, feel it."

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