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April 7 Steve Grimmet's GRIM REAPER, Skelator at Studio Seven, Seattle, WA

April 7 Steve Grimmet's GRIM REAPER, Skelator at Studio Seven, Seattle, WA
"Steve Grimmett is a singer, songwriter & producer who has been in the industry for over 30 years. There since the beginning, Steve sang on the classic original Grim Reaper albums "See You in Hell", "Fear No Evil" and "Rock You to Hell", which was produced by the legendary Max Norman (Ozzy Osbourne, Loudness, Megadeth).
Widely regarded as one of the finest singers in heavy metal, Steve went on to front UK Thrashers Onslaught for their 1989 UK charting album "In Search of Sanity", as well as the hard rock band Lionsheart, which he formed in the early 90s. Lionsheart released 4 studio albums and a live album, including the classic debut album from 1992, which saw their videos receive regular rotation on MTV. The band achieved major success in Japan where they toured for the first album.
He has sold over 1 million albums and had over 2 million you tube hits. Steve has gained his production experience from Max Norman (producer of Ozzy Osbourne, Loudness, Maly Hatchet) & Stephan Galfas (producer of Meatloaf). He has his own studio that he records and produces songs with artists and bands from a wide genre of music. He has, and continues to write music for films, video games and adverts.
Ian Nash - guitars
A longtime collaborator with Steve Grimmett since the 1990s, Ian was also a member of Lionsheart ("The Abyss") and later the Steve Grimmett band ("Personal Crisis"). Ian is a driving force in Grim Reaper, playing a huge part in the songwriting and production for their long awaited new album, due in 2016. Ian is also a member of "Tainted Nation" who feature Pete Newdeck (ex Paul Dianno, Steve Grimmett Band), Mark Cross (ex Firewind, Helloween), Joel Peters (ex Fury) and Pontus Egberg (The Poodles).
Charles "Chaz" Grimaldi - bass
American bassist Chaz joined the band in 2008 and is integral to the bands sound and live shows. Once a member of ex Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo's Grip Inc, touring the US in the mid 90s. Chaz was also a member of the Baltimore band Unbroken and Cheltenham's Isolation.
Paul "Bam-Bam" White - drums
Joining the Reaper ranks in 2014, Paul (or 'Bam-Bam') is a professional session drummer with over twenty years behind the kit. Known for his very hard hitting playing style and showmanship, he has thumped tubs for the likes of trip-hop star 'Tricky', ex Iron Maiden front man 'Blaze Bayley' and Europe's 'Kee Marcello'. He is also a former cast member of the hit West End show STOMP and the current drummer for UK industrial metal band 'The Defiled'.

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