Saturday, March 26, 2016

Ashen Pyre (Seattle)

Ashen Pyre
Tract I: Malus Ferox
release date: February 18th, 2016
label: independent
This is a demo of minimalist/necro/depressive black metal. Metal Archives and Facebook give next to nothing in terms of information. Supposedly, this is a one-person project from Seattle. Regardless, you can stream the recording on Bandcamp. It also seem that the recording is available for free/name-your-price. Metal Archives and Bandcamp give the following information about the recording. Anyway, maybe in the future it’s possible to find out more about this entity. We’ll see what happens.
1.I 01:33
2.II 05:25
3.III 06:24
4.IV 03:34
5.V 05:38
6.VI 05:17
total time 27:51

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