Tuesday, August 26, 2014

VESTAL CLARET hates metal music that has a message to help you live better

Vestal Claret (U.S.): The Cult of Vestal Claret (Cruz del Sur Music)
Traditional heavy metallers Vestal Claret seem like a band that hates it when they hear metal musicians attempt to justify or apologize for metal’s socially unacceptable traits, like when a band says that they have a “positive” message about “believing in yourself,” and make it appear like metal music is some sort of life coach for people who need encouragement or reassuring.
No. Vestal Claret is not that way. If metal offends some people’s feelings, religious or social beliefs, well, that’s fine, it’s not for them. Or, if you hate it when you see metal musicians going around saying, “We are not really Satanists or into blasphemy. We are just having fun with some silly images, you know, like you see in the movies. We’re just normal dudes, like you.”
No. Anyway, what do you care if someone thinks you are a Satanist? You play blasphemous or sick music, so what? Are you asking for people’s approval or what?
No. Vestal Claret has songs about witches, murder, evil and the occult. There is no “positive” message about living your life better, in a more “healthy” way that helps interact with your classmates or neighbors. This music is mentally deranged, and that’s that.
Vestal Claret is traditional-conservative occult-theme heavy/doom metal for those into other cult metal like Manilla Road, Brocas Helm and Cirith Ungol. They don’t sound like those bands, but they are quirky, strange and metal like those bands.
Vestal Claret "Three And Three Are Six"

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