Wednesday, August 27, 2014

New York City and the post-metal of SO HIDEOUS: listen and hear

In case you missed it, this is SO HIDEOUS and the album is called "Last Poem/First Light"
On Bandcamp some people have said this about the band's self-described "post-metal":
"Black metal, post rock, screamo, and orchestral music combined into a furious assault. Favorite track: Rising."
"Beautiful and bone-crushing at the same time. So glad that I was pointed this band's way. You can never go wrong with a blackened-anything genre!!"
1. Rising 04:35
2. Stabat Mater 04:52
3. My Light 05:16
4. Rhapsody 04:23
5. Last Poem 05:25
6. Glory 07:19

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