Friday, August 29, 2014

for the initiated in doom: Dread Sovereign (featuring Primordial members)

Dread Sovereign (Ireland): All Hell's Martyrs (Ván Records)
Dread Sovereign vocalist Alan Averill and drummer Simon O’Laoghaire play together in long-running entity Primordial, which is not bleak enough for them, given that this album takes cold depressive alienating sounds to places that only initiated doomsters or zealot Primordial followers would be willing to go. Alan sings in a slow, despairing, occult-like voice, pouring out his soul. Dread Sovereign goes for the coldest and most self-absorbed sounds in the sense that it purposely requires lots of attention to understand. The guitar work is in its own sphere, oblivious to an audience, except for the guitarist Bones himself and the band. Unmelodic and ear-unfriendly, Dread Sovereign is not for the casual listener. Be prepared for a slow descend, and expect not an easy trip. Dread Sovereign is not pandering to anyone. Only the doomed need apply.
Dread Sovereign - We Wield The Spear Of Longinus

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