Friday, August 29, 2014

the old-style doom of CARDINALS FOLLY

Cardinals Folly (Finland): Our Cult Continues! (Shadow Kingdom Records)
Cardinals Folly used to be called The Coven, which means that Cardinals Folly origins reaches back into 2004, at least, according to Metal Archives. Cardinals Folly prefers a minimalist sound of guitars, bass, drums and vocals. It sounds very honest, and I get the feeling that the band can replicate this music on stage. Cardinals Folly would maybe appeal to those into the rawer sounds of Pentagram/Saint Vitus. Obviously, this band is not big into using all the latest technology to robotize the music. A word about the vocals, Cardinals Folly, to me, goes for an old-style delivery, sounding garage and hippy-ish in a Blue Cheer-ish or Iron Butterfly-ish sort of style. The voice, to me, does not take over the music and just mixes well with the heavy chords. The vocal style is pretty quirky and peculiar, so you might have to adjust to ears to this sound, as it is definitely a niche sound, of the old garage doom.
Cardinals Folly - Our Cult Continues (New Album 2014)

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