Tuesday, August 26, 2014

NWOBHM-influenced young metal: KAINE (U.K.)

Kaine (U.K.): The Waystone
Bruce Dickinson has at times observed that one difference about Iron Maiden is the way that the band’s guitarists write smooth melodies and riffs, and that this way of composing has nothing to do with being “heavy,” and doing these chugging chords that are obnoxiously loud, impressing in particular the younger listener through tricks of volume and noise. Traditional-conservative heavy metallers Kaine appear to understand Bruce Dickinson’s point perfectly well: metal music is not about how heavy your music is, actually. If you think about it, there are many, many currently famous and successful non-metal rock bands that sound heavier, chunkier and chuggier than heavy metal like Kaine.
Metal music as Kaine understands it, is about riffs, melodies, guitar work in general, songwriting, singing and overall talent. Kaine is in no competition to have the heaviest sound. It’s easier to be loud, than make the effort to write riffs and make a coherent song. This is Kaine’s second studio full-length album, according to Metal Archives. Early Maiden seems like an influence here, in the smooth melodies and riffs; you may also detect other New Wave of British Heavy Metal sounds, perhaps Blitzkrieg or Angel Witch; in places, such as the song “The Waystone” the band expands into more proggy territory, with keys and other mellower passages, which again, can be seen as a Steve Harris influence, through his love of 70s prog.
The creative energy of the band is their most positive strength, in my view. If late 70s-early 80s metal interpreted by a younger band looks an appealing proposition, put Kaine in your list. You’ll be glad you did. Hoping we have not heard the last of this unsigned band.
Kaine: Resistance (The Waystone)
Kaine: Iron Lady (The Waystone)

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