Thursday, August 28, 2014

FREE metal announced on Sweet Nightmares tonight: THEORIA, SUBTERROR, SADISTIC SACRAMENT

Metal Bulletin mentioned this three bands just now on Sweet Nightmares.
black metal
The album is called "Mantra" and is available for free at Bandcamp.
1. Sons of Past's Decay 07:36
2. Inner Tempests (feat. Alex Poole) 05:55
3. The Chime of Lifeless Matter 06:10
4. Theoria 08:12
5. Narcissistic Veils 06:28
TOTAL 34:21
death metal/crust
They have two recordings available for free. See below.
black metal; free recording available at the link below.
1. Antagonist 04:33
2. Hell Is Other People 04:40
3. Calm of Winter 07:12
4. Carrion Faiths 03:45 TOTAL TIME 20:10

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