Monday, April 21, 2014

the punk grind thrash is here again: PSYCHO (Boston, U.S.): "Chainsaw Priest"

the punk grind thrash is here again: PSYCHO: Chainsaw Priest
There are many bands named "Psycho" or "Psycho this" or "Psycho that." Right now, though, the Psycho that concerns us is a band that says that this is its first album in more than 22 years. You know, sometimes things get in the way.
They say that they started in 1981 as a punk band and now in 2014 this is their version of punk: a blazing punk grind with gutter/hate lyrics about many things or people that they dislike or like, whichever one means the opposite of what I mean to say on purpose accidentally.
Oh, well, it's not sophisticated in some ways--correction, make that, in any way--it's a band that will tell you that they are, in fact, a bunch of angry jerks that nobody actually considers good people or people that are good at life. The band knows this. That's why they are angry that they are unemployed, with no friends, living under bridges, stealing bread from homeless people and from the elderly, eating dog food and passed in a garbage dump somewhere in New England because the Patriots did not win the Superbowl this year or last year or whenever that was, well, because, it's difficult to remember when you have been destroying this many brain cells.
Or something like that, kiddos.
Just get in the pit, get in the pit right now, whippersnappers. Stop talking, mosh!!
Psycho has returned and you didn't even know there was a band called Psycho from Boston. Well, yes, Psycho was just another band out of Boston, on the road trying to make ends meet, playing all the bars, sleeping in their cars, and they practiced right on the street, and they ran into Tom Scholz and told him that his bands sucks, and Tom told them, "OK, I will cry all the way to bank thinking about your opinion."
Pyscho is punk. Psycho is grind. You like.

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  1. Kinda a good review !!! But we are angry at life !! we are employed and have decent homes !! We have had out 4 other albums but that was back in the 80's and 90's... and tons of split eps too !!! We dont have to eat dog food .. !! hahahah thats a good one ... 2 of our members also backed up G.G. allin on his "Freaks ,Fags,Drunks and Junkies" Lp !! we have been in the scene for a long freakin time and just want to play our crazy music !!!
    thank you . Charlie Infection ...