Thursday, April 17, 2014

Chicago through the sludge and slime: Cokegoat: "Vessel"

Chicago through the sludge and slime: Cokegoat: "Vessel"
I was reading that people who have friends, one thing they like to do is talk about doom bands from Chicago. Sometimes they talk about doom bands as a way not to talk about how bad the sports teams in Chicago are, or sometimes it's a way to start conversations about pizza or Mike Ditka. Always Mike Ditka.
Anywho, Cokegoat is a doom band from Chicago. I don't know if they have lyrics about Mike Ditka, the Bears or pizza, but they sound like a ton of sludge and doom. Now, of course, sludge with screamed growled vocals is the newest sensation that is sweeping the nation and every gas station, but this band right here, this Cokegoat they don't care for writing hits, the sound you hear is what they like, Cokegoat may be number one, and they just want to have a festival. Of doom.
By the way, this may be, sort of, doom, but sounds rather angry with them vocals. It could be the Mike Ditka influence again. Always Mike Ditka.
Mainly, the question is: Do you like sludge?
Oh, yeah, well, how much?
Like a little?
Or, do you like it, like, a lot?
I would say that if you like sludge/doom a lot, then check out Cokegoat. It's for you.

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