Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The doom of Obelyskkh (Germany) convinced me quickly.

Obelyskkh: Hymn To Pan (Exile On Mainstream)
Would you say that heavy stoner growl/melodic doom is your bag? The vibe is both stoner doom with growling, and traditional doom elements, including melody, and spacey/psychedelic components. The album shows a lot of work put into it; five songs over eight minutes, and the last, sixth track over 20 minutes. What the band also does that is different is that they have lots of uptempo-ish vibes, and that’s not normal in doom; so, it’s actually rocking doom. It’s a heavy-duty guitar tone, but the music sounds like fun, and rocking, which, again, it’s not what one thinks of with doom.
The vocals can sound kind of shouty at times, kind of punky, but switch to melodic vocals, too; not quite “smooth singing,” but surprisingly melodic and fitting, and providing a nice contrast with the other styles of vocals. After some 40 minutes, then it’s time for the last song, which is technically over 20 minutes, but these guys could be a bunch of jokesters, though: the first three minutes are music, then some seven of ambient/spacey sounds, then back to the main of the song; and towards the end, the psychedelia trippiness returns big time.
Doomheads that have not checked out this band should put this one on the list. Looking for doom that shows good songs and a good doom production? Seek. www.facebook.com/TheObelyskkhRitual

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