Monday, April 28, 2014

metal from Bangladesh: Abominable Carnivore

If you like the music get in contact with the band! Here's a bit of info and hear some of their songs below.
The band's bio: ABOMINABLE CARNIVORE is a black\ death metal act, that was formed in Dhaka, Bangladesh in March 2011. The band is the brainchild of two musicians, Demodulated and Astaroth. They were friends and shared same musical interests and thinkings. To express themselves, the two formed the band and were joined by Morax on Guitar, Xezbeth on Bass, Ohee on Drums while Astaroth were also on Guitars and Demodulated handled Vocals.
Soon after the formation, the band started rehearsaling together and the musical direction was clear. The band drew inspiration from infamous Dissection, Necrophobic and other sinister acts such as Watain, Thulcandra, Black Horizons and likes. Their black\ death approach on music was enriched with dark, occult lyrics and furious performances and mastery of musical skills.
It was then when they were serious about their own material and started working on it. They were composing their own songs but parted by their drummer, Ohee. The replacement of him was found in Malphas, who joined in soon.
They signed a record contract with local record label “Dust and Guilt Records” and entered into studio in December, 2011. The songs were recoded and released as “Light Devours Our Lust” EP on January 26, 2012. The songs from the release showed the death tinged black metal tendencies from their cited influences. The EP contains seven tracks, including an Intro and an Outro, all displaying morbid and occult words spit out in darker, evil, extreme way.
ABOMINABLE CARNIVORE’s current line-up consists of Demodulated (Vocals), Astaroth (Guitars), Morax (Guitars), Necromancer (Bass) and Malphas (Drums).

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