Thursday, April 24, 2014

FREE EP of death/thrashing metal from Canada: Meggido

The six-song, almost-half hour EP launches an uptempo/midtempo energy of song-oriented heaviness, somewhere around the Pantera/Sepultura and Death/Obituary vibe; very direct, for immediate impact, but Meggido is not about speed, it's about heaviness, riffs, grooves and metal that's not too mathematical or confused about its own direction. "Old school" might not be a bad term here, and the recording is good quality, too. Check it for free name-your-price status at the link below. Metal Archives says that this is the band's first recording, and it's a good start.
1. Skeletal Remains
2. Unsound
3. Dead and Gone
4. Pillars of Perception
5. Legions of Dissent
6. Exalted

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