Sunday, June 13, 2010

Rienaus (Finland): Beneath the Black Wings

Rienaus (Finland): Beneath the Black Wings
Though Rienaus is now a band, this recording is a one-man cave-recorded super-necro over-raw black metal. It’s the type of recording that one has to really turn up the volume to hear what’s going on.
Some will think this is total garbage by a 16-year kid processing black metal through a meatgrinder for your unlistening displeasure-irritation.
Such a view is completely understandable.
But some people love this! It’s total tremolo triumphalism.
It appears that Mavrofos, the human being behind this, is currently 17 years old and working on a second album, with a band.
At any rate, “Celebrate the Dawn of a New Age” is raw black metal chaos with a good attitude and feel. “Exaltation” is vocal torture, doomy black metal. It’s “no-fun” black metal. “Beneath the Black Wings” is eight minutes of more chaos and noise. “Enemy of Christ” is exactly what the name says: antagonistic black metal expression of revenge and anger, and things like that. OK, there are another two songs and this is more than 44 minutes of cave black metal that will be liked by the ardent. If you want a good production, stay very far away from this.

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