Sunday, June 13, 2010

Jormundgand (Sweden): Satanic Attack

Jormundgand (Sweden): Satanic Attack
The titles of their four-song demo: “Occult Sacrifice,” “Black Winds of Death,” “Satanic Attack,” and “By the Grace of Death” speak of the pentagramist crossinverting fire.
Tobias and Erika are the 666-ers who give their music that certain feeling: basically, they want to be as good as advertised: pounding drums, fast and sharp guitar riffs, vocals consumed by revenge.
“Occult Sacrifice” is a short keyboard intro for “Black Winds of Death” (8:39), a black/death metal assault on the senses, with good riffs and a good vibe in general. It has lots of headbanging moments. Solid work here, with good guitar riffs and hooks. The song is a bit long, but they do well keeping it interesting. It’s all good here.
The song “Satanic Attack” (6:06) is a straight-up headbanging number with the title chanted repeatedly to deliver the knock out. This song will go over really well live because it will have the maniacs growling along “Satanic Attack” over and over in unison, fists in the air, heads banging, horns up. You likes!
“By the Grace of Death” is a near three-minute outtro of guitars/whispering and keyboards. The end.
The sound quality is definitely listenable, despite being a demo. We would not hesitate to play this loud in the car with the windows down. Good job with your filthy noise, Tobias and Erika.

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