Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Rapheumets Well

Rapheumets Well
The Elder's Anthology
Test Your Metal Records
26 October 2018
This band has three albums (2014, 2016 and 2017). As the title suggests, this is a compilation of the previously released music. Those who are new to the band will find that there are not enough adjectives to describe the elegant chaos going down here. This band apparently has never bothered to look up the meaning of the word impossible, and if genre-crossing is attractive to you, then this is a feast. The band somehow manages to assemble songs into coherent pieces out of gigantic technical-progressive hyperblasting symphonic extreme metal. Nothing less than an all-out, push-it-to-the-max metal commando, this is gut-check-time metal music. It is also an IQ test. If you choose to ride along, buckle up and put your thinking helmet on, Major Tom, because we are going to find out if you can keep up. It is brain-stimulating music. This band just doesn’t take no for an answer.
Friend, I have to disclose some information to you. I have seen reviews that dismiss this band. To me, it is obvious some people are overwhelmed by the extreme progressive-technical collage of the band’s style. It can be too much for some.
Whatever. Today is a good day to take up the challenge issued by this band to every fan that has ever wanted to hear a band go for it and do it all: growling, singing, blasting, symphonic, black metal, death metal, tech-death, progressive, futuristic, dystopian, a veritable dare to the obsessive-compulsive rabid fanatical listener that is seeking a band to bring it all together into one package, a package named Rapheumets Well.

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