Wednesday, January 11, 2017

NEWS: Dawn of Tyrants

Dawn of Tyrants is filthy extreme metal played as raw and horrifying as possible with the sound to match the caveman intentions. Be warned: this is anti-modern metal in a radical way. They are not happy if their music sounds clean and pleasant to the ear. They want harsh, jarring expressions of maniacal instincts for souls filled with hate and hideousness. Listen to the music at the first link below.
OFFICIAL: Negative-thinking, tyrannical Canadian Black Death Metal trio Dawn of Tyrants debut with their EP Breeding Ruin, the first misanthropic salvo of the band's signature iron fisted formula. Breeding Ruin spews five tracks of secular blackened death metal, incorporating a wide range of styles and themes while never drifting from their singular purpose. Comprised of stalwarts of the Toronto metal scene who have spent time in acts such as Overthrow, H5N1, Catharsis, and Priest, the band are forging their way through darker paths to a future most bleak. Expect no compromise!

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