Thursday, April 21, 2016

NEWS: Sarcoptes

The band describes itself as: "Sarcoptes is a two-piece metal band from California, heavily influenced by thrash, black, and death metal." They have a new album coming up. Below you will find some official information and hype to bang your head.
Sarcoptes (US) - 'Songs and Dances of Death'
Genre - Black Metal
Release Date - April 22nd, 2016
Record Label - Cimmerian Shade Recordings (US)
Cimmerian Shade Recordings has a knack of discovering the exceptional ones. After Solinaris, we have Sarcoptes, playing bombastic black metal from US and aiming for something that isn't being done often. Now what they're doing different is that they're playing a form of atmospheric black/thrash metal that's both vicious and symphonic at the same time. It's what Immortal would sound like if they had adopted keyboards. Sarcoptes sound majestic and wicked, and have spent an incredible amount of time in the studio perfecting the mix so that it sounds the way it should, where every aspect of the music is complementing each other despite the apparent conflicting natures. There are hardly any bands that sound as forceful and convincing as this when the word atmospheric gets thrown about. And Sarcoptes are doing it with a ton of class. Unmatched in their scope, they're set to achieve great things, defying conventions, and moving ahead with the times.

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