Thursday, April 14, 2016

NEWS: Phazm

Scornful of Icons
Osmose Productions
Release: 25 March 2016
Phazm is extreme metal from France. Below is the link to hear the album. Here's some official information.
PHAZM is a pure mix of black and death metal with twisting rythms and twisted harmonies. Their fascination of death inspires them through necrophilia, spiritism, while their repulsion towards humanity and modern civilisation is expressed through a pagan cult of the Nature and European gods. PHAZM was formed in 2003 by French guitarist and vocalist Pierrick Valence, following the concept of playing black/death Metal with a rock ‘n' roll feeling. After three albums and several European tours, PHAZM has delivered a unique mixture of shuffled blastbeats, occult and sharpened riffs, virtuoso guitar solos, and scary possessed vocals. They return with a new album, Scournful of Icons, deeply inspired by old-school black metal and Ásatrú. The album was composed after the death of Pierrick’s father. He has developped through this experience a vision of existence disconnected with monotheism. PHAZM is the Devil stick in the eyes of urban monotheists.

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