Saturday, April 21, 2018

Violent Hallucinations brought death metal to Everett on April 20th

Violent Hallucinations is traditional, headbanging, take-no-prisoners death metal and they showed up in Everett and hit the ground running with track after track of sickness and perversion. They are rude, brewed, crude, lewd, tattooed, old schooled and by the devil chewed in the arts of the socially unacceptable and morally reprehensible music, and the children and youth present loved every minute of the introduction to a future life of crime, jail and social marginalization by way of blasting, shredding, growling extreme metal. The band did good of job of representing itself as dedicated to the craft of death metal and the perversion of young minds. The drummer is a beast, the growler guitarist a headbanging maniac, the bassist is busy at work on those strings and then there's Mason. We are not sure, but it appears that that is what they call it. Mason is a guitar lunatic and the whole band knows that. The band blames everything on Mason. Mason has led them down this path in life and now they cannot escape and nor do they want to leave. Mason has them under its evil spells of the immortal rites inside the chapel of ghouls. Fun times. Here are photos taken with a potato.
I am totally new to this Washington state band. This is a band, in my imagination, that formed on a bright and sunny summer day in the city of Tacoma, far away from Steve Miller and Phoenix, Arizona, and when all the sun-deprived Washingtonians were out horsing around near power lines and throwing the frisbees near the train tracks, the boys from Violent Hallucinations had other ideas and decided to stay at home and continue watching horror movies and listening to brutal death metal in order to pile up more disgusting sickness to their vision of, you guessed it, brutal death metal.
In reality, I know nothing about the band because it seems that no one from the band’s circle of friends and enemies has entered the band’s name in Metal Archives. The band needs you to write their name into the pages of immortality by way of Metal Archives, friend. Help this Washington state metal band, do it or you will end up living in van down by the river, kids!
I am able to tell you a little bit about them. First, expect a hammering barrage of brutality. Second, the band wants you to bang your head, mosh with your friends or otherwise engage in some form of violent friendly fun with your friends and family, or with random strangers that you meet at one of their shows. The third thing to know about the band is that they have one goal is life and that is “to reign supreme in the dark world of brutal death metal,” which is a lofty objective in life, indeed. Finally, you should know that they have songs on ReverbNation and they blast and growl about topics that would make you blush, so I won’t tell you about it now because you can check it out for yourself, you sicko.

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