Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Nunca (Brazil)

Nunca call themselves blackened crust, and they promise chaotic drums, bulldozer bass and chainsaw strings and vokills, as they like to say it themselves. Their most recent recording is K├ónon I (2017) and it is on Bandcamp available for free. It is about 15 minutes of the band’s beloved ways of bringing black metal, crust and death metal together for a recipe for destroying your hearing, but you might be surprised by how clear the sound quality is. These black metal punks know exactly what they are doing and they do it well. I have listened to all their three free recordings on Bandcamp and I have noticed that they are efficient at what they do. They like to make sure that the songs have a way of fulfilling the objective of blackened crust with a little bit of melody or hooks; there’s something there for those that want a bit to remember a song by. They have a 2016 demo, another demo in 2017 and an EP in 2017. Just a couple of days ago I noticed that they have a new EP for 2018, too, but I have not found the music online yet.

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