Saturday, April 21, 2018

Dilapidation went to Everett to play the music of the doom on April 20th

If you are a false you will run yourself away from the death metal doom heaviness of the Washington state sensei named Dilapidation, but if you are a true you will entry to the fogged up world of Dilapidation. The music is a simple, even minimalistically savage hunger to go to brutal death metal from the abyss of doom passages. The vocalist declares that he wants to sound as if he were growling from a hole. The crowd ate up this metal of Dilapidation. We should mention that when you go to a Dilapidation show you will not see the band as much as you will feel and hear the band because they make a very heavy use of the fog machine and it is surprising they do not trip over their own equipment and they can play their instruments because no one can see them on stage. You will see silhouettes or shadows but in your flesh and bones you will feel the heaviness and brutality.
We are a stubborn. We took pictures anyway. The first picture is actually illegal because the band does not want such pictures to get published. Don't tell them about it. The other three pictures are examples of how fogged up this is. Good luck seeing anything. Regardless, the band did well and the audience loved it. More Dilapidation is the order of the day.
The live show of hearing this death doom band is a pretty heavy experience, with the massive, slower segments of death metal and growling, and then the speed picks up to headbanging paces, and they certainly have their own way of changing the rhythms of their death doom, avoiding monotony. If you are a fan of death metal and of doom metal, but perhaps you are not a fan of those doom bands that write 60-minute-plus single-song compositions of super slow sloth monoliths or maybe you get a bit bored with nothing-but-blasting death metal monotonous albums, then Dilapidation might hit the right spot for you, the place where death and doom live side by side, taking turns at the wheel of fortune sounds hosted the always-winning, always-undefeated champion that is death.
They have a bunch of demos as you can see below and they have them on Bandcamp. Actually, there they also have their full-length debut album and it is called Transcending the Void, which is almost an hour of music. The album features a band that cares about having its music sound like real people playing extreme metal, not computer software robotic products. Don’t go by the stereotype of the slow doom bands, Dilapidation does doom alright, but they will give you a rude awakening, jolts, of intense, fast metal, too. Let’s put it this way: there are people in Washington state, in Seattle, that go to watch certain bands and they stand around hiding in their hoodies looking at their feet, or their phones, passing out, falling as asleep like a bunch of weirdos meditating, but those people are probably not attending a Dilapidation show because this band is proud to be metal for banging your head, and it’s going to be heavy, and it’s going to be fast and brutal, too.
1/2/2013 Rehearsal demo 2013
Dilapidation demo 2013
Rise of the Dead demo 2013
Ruin and O'blivion demo 2015
Burned Alive single 2016
Transcending the Void full-length 2016
Transcending the Void
release date: December 16th, 2016
label: independent
1.The Circle 04:59
2.Frozen Tomb 05:40
3.Burned Alive 04:08
4.Spaghettifyer 03:18
5.All and None 08:57
6.Contemptuous Vacuity 03:15
7.Doomed to Rest 08:21
8.The Great End Falls from the Mouth of O'blivion 05:00
9.Unrest 05:08
10.Ceremony of Malignance 07:41
total time 56:27

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