Thursday, November 10, 2016


Sauron is traditional heavy metal from Brazil that has lyrics in Portuguese and they also have one recording available so far called Batalha​.​.​. a guerra apenas começou (Battle ... The War Has Barely Started). The 24-minute, four-song recording is solid beginning of heavy metal for them. The band likes to say that they are in the style of Iron Maiden, but they sound like Sauron and the songs sound like their own, not like a tribute band. The recording is not a polished and bloated type of work, rather it is an honest documentation of what appears to be a young band making their first public work. The band is made up of Caiique Iblis on drums, Bruno Daniel on bass, JM Tomas and Gabriel Muniz on guitars, and Well on vocals. Go to the first link below to hear the recording, especially if you are interested in hearing a young band singing in Portuguese and playing classic-metal-based music.

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