Friday, November 18, 2016

NEWS: "epic death metal" Fetid Zombie two songs available now

Fetid Zombie mainman Mark Riddick is known for an obsession with inverted crosses and the name Fetid Zombie might fool you into thinking this is garage-level metal music about zombies, graves, horror movies and inverted crosses. Well, the man does like his inverted crosses and likes to take pictures near them or holding them and the lyrics are obsessed with death, but if you listen to the music, to the actual music, you will get a big shock. It is not two-chord death metal. There is melody and there is lots that is catchy, too, but without sounding weak, clitchéd, trendy or emo. It takes Fetid Zombie to show how melody and atmosphere are possible without sounding like hipsters. You have to hear this music, I tell ya! It is not what you are expecting and it is way better than you are hoping.
Fetid Zombie (US)
Epicedia (Epic Death Metal)
Transcending Obscurity Records
Release: 25 November 2016
track list:
1.Lowered Beneath 08:32
2.Devour the Virtuous 08:00
3.Devour the Innocent 08:33
4.If the Dead Could Speak 10:22
total time 35:27
OFFICIAL: Mark Riddick is a legend in the underground. His works are in existence since the early '90s and so is his passion for occult-tinged old school death metal. After putting out a handful of releases and numerous splits, he has unleashed his masterpiece upon us. The album 'Epicedia' features a unique collaboration with some of the most esteemed musicians from around the world. It is epic in every sense of the term. Reminiscent of bands like The Chasm, Nocturnus, Grave, Deceased, Master and Sepultura, it's a mix of all styles, a blend of outstanding elements from each one of them but presented in a fetid sound bearing his trademark vocals. Each song is close to 10 minutes long - four monoliths in all - each showcasing a progressive elaboration of death metal that is raw and decaying at its core. All put together, Fetid Zombie concoct festering death metal with an otherworldly aura, replete with fantastic solos and memorable song structures, one that is refreshing and atmospheric in its own special way.
OFFICIAL: FETID ZOMBIE, the blasphemous and death-obsessed, solo effort of reputable underground death metal illustrator Mark Riddick, was born in January 2007. Riddick is no stranger to underground metal, having his musical genesis in 1991 with UNEARTHED, followed closely by EXCRESCENT in 1992, and later with UNBURIED, GRAVE WAX, and MACABRA. FETID ZOMBIE was born from Riddick’s yearning to revisit his death metal roots by translating his grotesque artistic and illustrative vision into an auditory assault against all things sacred. While FETID ZOMBIE acts as a solo project, Riddick regularly recruits special guest appearances by other distinct talents from bands like NUNSLAUGHTER, BONE GNAWER, ROTTING CHRIST, SWAMP, VARATHRON, NECROMANTIA, LOCULUS, ARSIS, GRAVEWURM, DEVOURMENT, RUDE, HORRENDOUS, CRUCIFIER, SKELETAL SPECTRE, etc. Riddick makes no apologies or compromises for his unique vision, offering a myriad of influences from hard rock/heavy metal to technical death metal. Prepare for an unruly onslaught of anti-faith sentiment and old school death metal worship!

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