Tuesday, November 1, 2016


Anthropocene is an extreme metal band in the form of "blackened death/thrash" from the city of Olympia, Washington state. They have a 16-minute recording called Bitter Beginnings. They have made their recording available at Bandcamp and describe themselves as: "Anthropocene's artistic themes concern nature, climate change, pollution, apocalypse, mass extinction, and tribal warfare. We play a combination of thrash metal, black metal, old-school death metal, and grindcore. We focus on providing an entertaining live performance, combined with powerful, innovative songwriting. Our songs range in length from six minutes to just over sixty seconds. For us, keeping the crowd engaged is a priority, and so we continuously move with the utmost speed and aggression during performances. To provide a continuous onslaught of raw sound, most of our songs are less than three minutes in length and packed with rapidly changing material that switches fluidly between tempo and genre."
This Friday, November 4th in Olympia, they will be performing live along with Carnotaurus, Oxygen Destroyer, and Ghostblood. Looks like it's going to be a cool show in Olympia. Take a look at the flyer included here somewhere.

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