Tuesday, November 1, 2016

review: Lady Beast

The loyalists that breathe dragon fire for the sounds of traditional, true heavy metal now have new music from Lady Beast and it is called Metal Immortal and it is aimed straight between the eyes of the headbanging, fists-in-the-air crowds all over the world. Lady Beast is a band from the United States, but the sound is the universal clarion call of the hearts that are on fire for heavy metal, no matter where they are, whether Brazil, Greece, Japan, Germany or in Pennsylvania in the U.S., or somewhere else. The new recording is an EP of four songs: 1.Metal Martyr; 2.The Devil's Due;3.Lady of the Battle; 4.Not This Time.
Of course, in this music what matters is the tradition: the singing, the riffs and whether you can remember the songs and whether this is music calling out to you to join in. Is that what Lady Beast does? That's exactly what Lady Beast does with its music! That is what Lady Beast is really all about. No weird surprises, no strange experimentation. Some arrogant people like to pretend that traditional heavy metal is music of the past, but Lady Beast has a different idea altogether: this is metal music for today and for those that want classic-style guitar riffs, real riffs, guitar solos, singing and a rhythm section that is the heartbeat of the songs. Believe it!
Straight from the horse's mouth: "Lady Beast is a Heavy Metal band from Pittsburgh PA. Now in its 7th year, the band has played hundreds of shows, played festivals, done tours, and sold thousands of albums. Upon hearing a recording of the band, it’s easy for the listener to pick out the band’s musical influences such as NWOBHM, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Motorhead, Dio, etc., but that isn’t the only influence, as the band draws heavily on the DIY ethos of the punk scene, and Lady Beast has always done everything on its own: booking tours, doing band photos, printing t-shirts, setting up shows at home, writing songs, putting out albums (released on bassist Greg Colaizziís label, Cobra Cabana Records), and driving the van. Anyone that has seen the band live can attest to the band’s energy, and singer Deborah Levine’s vocal ability, charisma, and love for what she is doing."
LADY BEAST - 'The Devil's Due' (OFFICIAL)
by MMB

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