Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Vale of Amonition

Vale of Amonition's specialty is bluesy, tripped-out doom, for which the band likes the words: dark, epic, tribal, doom, progressive, ancient and occult. The music is simplistic, raw and strange, and that's how the band likes it. Of course, this means, that some people will be very confused when they hear what this band from Uganda has in store for them, while people interested in doom that sounds way out there might just find something to peak their curiosity. Currently, the band has posted a preview of a release that is coming up. The band says about the preview: "An unmastered snippet from the Dark Queen Chronicles and rare initial mixes of Infernal Supremacy and War Of Incantations from the upcoming compilation When We Were Earthly". Listen to the preview at the link below. The track list is as follows:
1.Infernal Supremacy 03:42
2.War Of Incantations 01:24
3.Dark Queen (Unmastered) 02:55
released May 5, 2016
OFFICIAL: The VALE OF AMONITION or "Valley of Ammunition" is a home to things of a tragic persuasion. A sanctuary for warmakers, a province for mages, an abode for ancient tribal lords and their possibly doomed descendants and a whole world of creatures divine and devious. Surrounding the Vale is the Abyss which is now inhabited by the most ancient of beasts. Light does not flow into the Abyss and its creatures never venture into the Vale. But a storm is brewing and events shall soon unfold in a harrowing and dramatic fashion.
We are the band that speaks of the Vale of Amonition to Earth. We tell of its glorious history, its troubles and triumphs and of the heavy hand of doom that refuses to abandon it.
Musically, Black Sabbath and Mercyful Fate are our most important influences but rather than remain rigid, our aim from the beginning has always been to evolve as much as we can within the heavy metal context. Therefore, "progressive" is a term of significance for us and tells of our collective spirit as musicians. Our willingness to grow, our love for dynamism and intricacy and our purpose to create and to imagine INFINITELY!
Doom is our ultimate governor and the principle by which we play. Hail Dagory!

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