Friday, August 19, 2016

Anna Pest

Anna Pest
release date: August 4th, 2016
label: independent
Anna Pest is the name of the extreme metal project by April Hutchins, the guitarist and the main songwriter for the melodic extreme metal band Mellevon(Canada), which has two albums: Chaos Reigns (2013) and Solace (2014). Both albums are available for listening at the band's Bandcamp page, for which the link is provided below.
Of course, in addition to Mellevon, April has Anna Pest, which is music most closely aligned with modern, melodic, blasting black metal. April apparently takes care of the instrumentation and vocals, in addition to other things like cover art, recording, producer, mastering, editing, artwork model and editing. In 2016 there are two Anna Pest recordings: the EP called Transmission and the album called Forlorn, for which the track list is given below. April, as already stated, plays guitars and on Anna Pest she does vocals, too. We assume she plays bass, and that she does the drum programming, given that it sounds like drum programming, not like live drums.
On the topic of Anna Pest, April has stated: "Drawing influence from the works of artists such as Silencer, Bethlehem, Dark Fortress, and Agalloch, Forlorn is an eclectic release which explores various branches of black metal, from the atmospheric to the vicious, the melodic to the depressive.
Those familiar with the 'pop-metal' style exhibited by my earlier work on Transmission and my repertoire of covers on YouTube will probably be taken aback by this comparably dark release, but an open-minded listener will, I believe, find it to contain some of my best compositions."
On Forlorn the sound brings together black metal with some metalcore influences. The pace of the album is fast, often blasting, with a melodic postrock feel to it. The recording, to clarify, is not experimental and it is not metalcore nor postrock, it is meant to be an upfront, loud and proud fast metal recording and it sounds as such. Anna Pest is headbanging metal, pure and simple.
track list for Forlorn:
1.Countenance 03:48
2.Asmodeus 04:06
3.Nyctophobic 06:02
4.Golgotha 04:05
5.Only 04:43
6.Samuelle 05:31
7.Euthanize 04:49
8.Forevermore 04:44
total time 37:48

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